iOS Users Spend More On Apps

Whether you love them or hate them, in-app purchases aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, they’re likely to grow even more prevalent as developers realize the potential to make serious money by employing them. Essentially, it’s a case of drawing people in with a free app, before hitting them where it hurts… in the pocket.

AppsFlyer recently published a breakdown of spending on in-app purchases across various metrics, and the results are extremely interesting. And it all starts with the finding that iOS users “spend two and half times more than Android users a month per app across verticals and regions”. This, Business Insider concludes, shows that “iOS users are less price-sensitive than Android users”.

The report also finds that Asian users spend more than any other group, an average of $0.70 per month per app. However, if North American users do commit to an in-app purchase they commit fully, spending an average of $43 compared to the $11 spent by the average Asian user. Latin American users, meanwhile, don’t spend much on average, but a small number of users (referred to as “whales”) are spending vast sums every month. So now you know.

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