Everything you need to understand about the new Pokemon Go

pokemon go


After months of anticipation, Pokemon Go is finally coming out now across various regions. With so much excitement stirring about the launch of The Pokemon Company’s new app, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about it.


What You Need to Know

  • 6 Essential Pokemon Go Facts–Pokemon Go is a fascinating new AR-focused mobile app that’s taking the iconic series to uncharted territories. Check out our in-depth feature on the six ways that The Pokemon Company’s new mobile offering makes smart use of Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Go: All the Known Issues–The game is experiencing a series of technical issues, such as “heavy” battery drain and distorted audio; get a full rundown of all the problems.
  • Here’s What Pokemon Go’s Microtransactions Get You–Pokemon Go is a free mobile app but it features an in-game shop that allows you to buy Pokecoins using real money, and then spend those on items. Check out everything you can purchase as well as the Pokecoin conversation rates.
  • Pokemon Go Rural Trainer’s Log: Nothing Here But Us Weedles–After nearly a week with Pokemon Go in a rural area, this trainer has nothing to show for her efforts. Check out Alexa’s experiences playing Pokemon Go in a rural area.

What’s Coming


  • Pokemon Go’s New Features Detailed; Here’s What Updates Will Have–Pokemon Go developer Niantic is promising a series of new features for the popular app in the next coming months. Here’s everything you can expect.
  • Pokemon Go Feature Updates Discussed, Could Let You Assign Gyms–Niantic founder talks about Ingress and how it could be used to improve Pokemon Go.
  • Pokemon GO Devs Still Exploring Multiplayer, Say Players Will Shape The Game–Pokémon GO and Ingress developer Niantic Inc. spoke to GameSpot about making real-world games, learning from the community, and Game of Thrones. Check out everything the studio had to say.

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